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Theme Day Planning Method

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What are you going to learn in just 2 hours?

  • How to spend less time clicking around between tabs and to-dos.
  • Know exactly what you need to work on every day.
  • How to STOP being yanked around by your to-do list, so you can take back control of your time.
  • How to create clear boundaries with your time and tasks.
  • How to end each day having accomplished what you set out to do for the day.
  • How to create space and time in your schedule for what matters most to you.

This will work for you if you're new to business, a part-time entrepreneur, work-at-home parent, or full-time CEO!

A New Planning Method - NOT A New Planner

Squeezing more and more into your week isn't going to help.

It's going to burn you out.

Traditional Planners & Systems

  • Expensive to buy (and re-buy)
  • Not customized for your needs
  • Not flexible for when life happens
  • Too easy to "get off track"
  • To-do list overwhelm
  • Monday morning dread
  • Wasting time on making it pretty and using stickers

Theme Day Planning Method

  • Low-cost course you can use for life
  • Use with any planner you like (or make your own!)
  • Know exactly how much time you really have for life & business
  • Know exactly what tasks are most important
  • Know exactly when you're going to do those most important tasks
  • Easily adjust as life and schedules change


“Wow! This course packs an amazing amount of value. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, working a ton of hours without getting much accomplished, or not meeting your business or personal goals, this course is for you. Thanks, Cara!”

- Cate, InternationalDessertsBlog.com



Clear and simple videos to learn the Theme Day Planning Method and why it works no matter where you are in business or what your life looks like


4 different versions (printable, Google spreadsheet, Kanban-style, Google calendar) with in-depth instructions so you can quickly create your own plan.


Detailed course workbook to walk you through creating your own Ideal Work Week - PLUS video, audio, and transcripts for each lesson to suit your learning style.



"This course is awesome!! THIS will totally change how I do things!"

-Michelle T.


"The Theme Day Planning Method is a game-changer! I've tried numerous time management techniques, and something was always missing. Thanks to Cara's expert teaching, I now understand the missing piece was a strong foundation of awareness and intention."

-Elizabeth, Holistic Business Coach


We've got A's for your Q's

Who is the Theme Day Planning Method for?

The Theme Day Planning Method is for entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, part-timers, business newbies, full-timers, even my 8-year-old (no joke). Overall, they're the tough cookies that are trying to figure out how to manage all their personal and professional priorities to make their lives the stuff they dream of. If that's you, the Theme Day Planning Method is going to help you get out of the weekly (or daily) quicksand of to-dos.

Is there specific tech I need for this course?

The magic of what's inside the Theme Day Planning Method is it will work for both printable AND digital planner lovers. And if you're like me and love a combination of both, you'll have endless options. You'll need an internet connection, a computer, a printer, and be able to use Google Sheets and Google Calendar. If you use project management software like ClickUp, Asana, or Trello, we show you how to use those for our Method too!

Is there online support for this course?

Of course! Should you need technical support, we’re available to help. The course is hosted on the Podia platform, which means you are welcome to ask any clarifying questions about what you're learning in the comments below each lesson.

We do not host a private Facebook group because we believe those are too distracting and we want you to focus!

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the products in the Theme Day Planning Method and the fact that you'll get immediate access to everything, all sales are final. We are not able to offer refunds at this time.  

Cara Chace

Meet Cara

Cara has been balancing her aversion to rules and bosses with the need for structure since 2013, when she had her first child and took on the role of social media manager for Megadeth and their 13 million online fans. 

After realizing being a work-from-home entrepreneur was the best fit for her life, she built a digital marketing agency from scratch, had another kid, navigated constantly shifting priorities, moving houses, and life demands...and made it her mission to Work Better Live Well.


  • You'll STOP feeling like you’re always reacting to what others need from you, instead of working on the things that will move your business forward.
  • You'll STOP feeling like your family’s schedule is always throwing a wrench in your plans.
  • You'll STOP grinding through your to-do list every day with no plan, feeling like a million tabs are open in your brain.
Theme Day Planning Method


"The Theme Day Planning Method is just what I needed! It helped me to clarify and focus on what is most important in my life, both business and personal."



Entire Theme Day Planning Method™ Digital Course Bundle

  • Step-by-Step Videos
  • 4 Digital & Printable Ideal Work Week Versions
  • Course Workbook
Theme Day Planning Method